Conway Lead Distributors

//Conway Lead Distributors

Conway Lead Distributors

Match Directors: Michael Beemer

Contact Info:

Location: 600-658 W 80th Ave N, Conway Springs, KS 67031 (
37°22’23.1″N 97°34’36.7″W
DO NOT drive Sumner Road if there has been any precipitation recently. You WILL get stuck in the mud).

Date: 4/25/2020

Match Fee: $60

Round Count: 120

Check in: 7:00:00 AM

Start Time: 8:45:00 AM

Match Description:

12 Stages

Limited to 30 caliber and smaller and 3200 fps muzzle velocity.

Join us at Conway Lead Distributors for an exciting and fun match for the NRL Border War Rifle Series! Expect a fair and challenging course of fire with target engagements out to 960+ yards including a moving target system. This will be a great match for shooters of all skill levels. Not too hard for a beginner to have fun and improve their skills while still challenging even the best shooters. We’ll have snacks and drinks available for everyone to enjoy and a great prize table provided by the Border War Rifle Series.

Come on out and shoot!