3/7/20 PRSID, ID
4/11/20 Rock Lake, WA
5/23/20 Blue Ridge, WA
7/4/20 UNSC
7/18/20 503 Laser Beam
9/19/20 Cody Night Match



Mission Coming soon.

Goal Coming soon.

North West Region Border War Rules

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  1. Do I have to be a NRL or Border War member to participate in a match? NO you do not need to be a member, however we highly suggest that you do so that we can count your scores towards your regional ranking and for you to have the opportunity to participate in our national championship. You can join HERE! Plus members receive the first opportunity to register for matches.
  2. Do you have to be a professional shooter to compete in these matches? NO we encourage all skill levels of shooters to participate in these matches as long as you can properly manipulate your rifle and you can demonstrate proper firearms safety.
  3. Do I have to have a competition style rifle for these matches? NO you do not need to have a competition style rifle to participate in these matches. These matches are designed to get new shooters involved in precision rifle competitions regardless of their equipment.
  4. Do you allow spectators? We highly suggest that you contact the Match Director (MD) for the event that you wish to watch as each facility has its own rules and regulations. However we do encourage spectators if the facility can accommodate it. (please note that all safety and range rules must be followed at all times)
  5. Are there gear restrictions? Please contact the Match Director (MD) of the match that you wish tp participate in to find out if there are any restrictions for that match.
  6. Do you allow semi-automatic rifles? Yes